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American Flag End Grain Cutting Board (Small)

Product Description
This American Flag end grain cutting board is hand crafted using Bubinga, Purple Heart and Hard Maple hardwoods. This compact size cutting board is perfect for cutting and displaying cheese and appetizers, also great for RV's or compact kitchens.

The process to assemble this beautiful cutting board requires 4 days of glue dry time to create the entire board. The glue used for bonding is FDA approved for food cutting surfaces. After the bonding is completed each star pocket is precisely machine out to a depth of a quarter inch deep allowing us to insert each solid end grain hard maple star. Once the cutting board has completed production we apply a food safe finish containing mineral oil and beeswax. End grain cutting boards are self healing if properly maintained, which will help resist scarring so it's important to oil your board monthly with a food grade mineral oil.

Why is end grain superior to edge grain?

End grain construction has the benefits of being gentler on knives and longer lasting, as knives are cutting against the wood grain vs across the grain.
End-grain construction is superior, as it creates a self-healing cutting surface that helps resist scarring.

Dimensions (Varies slightly)
15.5" X 8" X 1 3/8"